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All our work is built around the industries of the future. We work with corporates, startups, and governments to build new growth ventures – faster.



We helped a large offshore company develop a radical growth strategy around drones. We expect a massive growth in drone-based business models. Now’s the time to take the early market positions.


Smart City

We have run multiple smart city accelerator programs. Always starting with market-driven challenges, we make sure all accelerator teams start with deeply understanding customer needs.  Consumer needs, not just technology is the key to success in the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

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Digital Aquaculture

To feed 10 billion people, the world needs more fish farming. But the industry has its challenges. Our «Fish farming of tomorrow» accelerator, launched five new startups, including a very promising startup in Fishency Innovation – big data fish health company.


Digital Health

The future of health care is digital – but where to begin? Our 5-day bootcamp helped an IT-company develop an in-market solution for digital healthcare. 


Clean Energy

Can Solar Energy be profitable in Norway? You bet! Our solar energy accelerator program showed our client a huge market demand, attractive financing and rapidly evolving business models.



Cars, trains, bikes; all transportation is converting around digital, shared and service-based. Our «Innovation and the future of mobility» helped a 150-person company transform into a mobility-dedicated innovation engine.


Electric Vehicles

How can a utility grow into a key player in the EV infrastructure market? Our Bootcamp program helped the most innovative utility in Norway launch their new EV services – faster.

What’s your strategy for EV’s?



The Internet-of-things is everywhere – and growing fast. Alphafish, one of our portfolio startups is pre-selling its IoT products in Indonesia, while our Partner Delfi launched Mapservice, a new IoT service with proven market interest.



Sub-sea robotics, drones and industrial robotics, we are seeing robotics play a large role in our accelerators. Our latest startup is taking this to the extreme.

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Corporate Leader?

Is your company facing a challenging market – and want to explore ways of breaking out of the position you are in?

Are you trying to launch a new growth area – but not finding the time, resources or methods to do it right?

Expecting the next 10 years to bring significant change in terms of competition, digital innovation, big data, IoT, connectivity and «smart» – but not knowing where to start?

Explore our Bootcamp or innovation programs to accelerate your new business development.

Startup Hero?

Are you considering starting your own company – but not knowing what do focus on?

Do you find yourself with some free time on your hand – but have ideas, time, passion and energy to launch a new career by building a startup?

Have you exited your previous startup and want to build a new team – in a very intense hyper-accelerator?

Explore our 4-week X2 Labs Startup accelerator – become a startup hero.

Mentor or Investor?

Are you an experienced executive, with some time on your hand, ready to become a mentor?

Are you curious to learn how to become a business angel – and invest in and mentor early startups?

Are you an active investor, looking to add promising startups to your portfolio?

Explore our early work in building an angel network and investment fund.

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We're proud to be a part of NHO's  (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) Abelia FIN and their work on 3,000 new growth ventures. 

#InnovateNOR collects the best examples of innovative corporate and startup success in Norway and beyond.

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